Bouncy castle rental

Before making an order, please:

1. Find out the area available for the bouncy castle.

2. Decide the number of children expected in party/event.
3. Decide the party/event venue to see if there is space restriction.

There may be surcharges for Changi Chalets/outdoor HDB pavilion /Sentosa or labour charge if there is no direct lift access to party venue.

Dimensions: 3.5m*2.6m*1.7m

Ref : bcmy1

Dimensions: 2.5m(W) * 2.7m(L) * 2.2m(H)

Ref : bcdj1

Dimensions: 4m by 2.9m by 1.7m

Ref : bcmy2

Dimensions: 1.68m(W) x 4.3m(L) x 1.65m  (H)

Ref : bct4r1

Area required: 4L x 4W (M)

Ref : bct4r3

Dimensions: 2.65m by 1.9m by 1.7m
Ref : bcmy3

Area required: 5m(L) x5m(W) 

Ref : bct4r2

Area required: 7.5M x4M

Ref : bct4r4