Let us give your child a magical experience!

How is the Derek Magic Show different from others?
The Derek Magic show comes with professional sound system and professional backdrop to give you and your guests that wonderful theatrical feel. Derek can help you host cake cutting before or after your show. The Derek Magic show aims to bring fun and joy to your children's birthday party and family events with modern, personal yet funny blend of local context magic. We will keep your kids laughing and astonished. Even adults watching will find the show enjoyable.

*Do note that the magic show backdrop system are not suited and cannot be installed for poolside events or outdoor locations, for safety reasons. 

Derek Magic Show

Celebrate your child's birthday with the super interactive, highly engaging Derek Magic Show! Spice up the mood with comedic yet AMAZING magic that will GUARANTEE laughter and joy! Kids love Derek and you'll do too!

(For birthday celebrations)

Memorable Moments


1. 35 mins Derek Magic Show

Total duration: 35 mins 

Price: $300

All Time Favorite (HOT!)


1. 35 mins Derek Magic Show

2. 30 mins Game Hosting

Total duration: Over 1 Hour 

Price: $350


Magic and Balloons Fantasy (HOT!)

1. 35 mins Derek Magic Show

2. 60 minutes balloon sculpting

Total duration: Over 1.5 Hours 

Price: $350



1. 35 mins Derek Magic Show

2. 30 min Game Hosting

3. 60 minutes balloon sculpting or Facepainting

Total duration: Over 2 Hours 

Price: $450

best comedy.JPG
PreSchool Magic Show!

The Derek Magic Show in your child's school to celebrate with his classmates! Make your child's day SPECIAL in his or her school with LOTS of fun! 

(For weekdays and in schools)


1. 35 mins Derek Magic Show

Total duration: 35 minutes 

Price: $250

close up 1.jpg
Close-up Magic Show

Magic offstage and right before your very eyes! With over 10 years of experience, Derek never fails to IMPRESS and entertain the crowd! Restaurants, carnivals, festivals, huge parties. Derek has done it all.


1. Derek Close-up Show

Total duration: 1 Hour

Price: $300

Balloon Sculpting

Sculpting long pieces of balloons to form shapes to fulfill your child's imagination.


Price: $120/hr

subsequent timing: $50/30 minutes


Colorful non-toxic vivid colors painted on children's faces and hands to excite them with their favorite cartoons.

Price: $120/hr

subsequent timing: $50/30 minutes

Glitter Tattoo

Add some sparkle and shine at your special event! Glitter tattoos are just like fashionable jewellery, being temporary body art on your children's arms.

Price: $120/hr

subsequent timing: $50/30 minutes


We have lots of mascots for your birthday partes! Inquire with us now!

Mascot Moment


1. Music 

Total duration: 45 mins 

Price: $260

Mascot Package


1. 45 mins Mascot Moment

2. 60 mins Balloon Sculpting or Glitter Tattoo

Total duration: 1 Hour 45 Min

Price: $350


With our caricature service, your guest will each get to bring home a picture of them that is hand drawn on an A4 sized paper.

Price: $150/hr

subsequent timing: $120/hr

Helium Balloons

High quality latex balloon uses 100% Latex.
Balloon size 11 inches and price include helium gas inflation and attach with matching colour ribbon.

Price: $100/50 balloons 

Popcorn Candyfloss live stalls

Impress your guests with the popular carnival snacks! Let your child experience be complete as our staff cooks the popcorn and candyfloss right before their eyes.

Popcorn machine And Candyfloss machines with staff

Price: $320/2hours

Ice cream

Ice cream is always welcome in a hot weather like Singapore. Your guests will be so touched with your thoughtfulness!

Price: $250 /1.5 hours

(Good for 150 pax)

Silhouette cutting

Shadow cutting, also known as Silhouette Cutting, is a craft-work where using just scissors and paper alone, the artist cuts out the subject’s portrait in profile within a few minutes resulting in a most charming, detailed and highly accurate likeness.

            Price: $160/hr

subsequent timing: $110/hr